Nicole Piach Wins Women in Print Award

by Digital Print Specialties

Congratulations are in order!

Nicole Piach has been chosen as one of six recipients of Big Picture’s Women in Print Award.

The first annual Big Picture awards were created to distinguish exceptional female leaders in the print industry. Big Picture chose women who progressed digital printing through innovation, philanthropy and community involvement. Giving back to their communities while leading a successful business makes this year’s recipients integral to the advancement of the printing world.

The community, recognizing the award winners’ exemplary leadership and fresh perspectives on digital printing, nominated the recipients. Big Picture magazine interviewed winners and highlighted them in the September 2016 issue.

Each of the six women was asked about the challenges of being a woman working in a male-dominated field. Each answer was different, inspiring and insightful.

“I believe that being in a creative industry such as printing where the workforce is statistically predominantly male opens the door for opportunity more than poses a problem.”

Nicole showcased all the new opportunities she sees in the printing business for women, regardless of the industry being dominated by males.

“Be the leader, the shaker, the expert, or the worker bee. These traits make up the team… both men and women have a lot to offer, and yes, we may be wired differently, but it’s when you combine all these unique facets that teams and businesses, and, ultimately the individual finds success!”

Nicole exhibits such team focus even outside the printing business. She stresses the importance of fostering business relationships across multiple industries and sees these connections as vital for business success and promoting creativity in the workplace. With printing needs spanning across multiple sectors, there is always something to learn from each client in every field. For Nicole, every day is different and each project can vary greatly from the next, making the printing business a continual learning experience.

With the Bureau of Labor reporting that women make up 30% of the workforce in the printing field, 10% less than the national average across all work sectors, Nicole has advice for young women entering the printing industry. She wants women in the printing field to focus on passion and not being afraid to learn from failing.

“Success is built in time, by trial and error, in both good and bad economies. Resilience, whether you are an employee or self-employed, is much easier to achieve and maintain when passion is part of the equation.”

Nicole will receive her award at the Specialty Printing and Imaging Technology (SGIA) Expo, September 14 -16th in Las Vegas, NV. The SGIA Expo celebrates advancements in the digital printing field with expert exhibitors and education sessions on various printing topics. It is, undoubtedly, the largest expo for her industry in the United States, with 23,000 people lining up out the door each day in 2015.

Follow Nicole, as she launches her new line of print media for the fashion and interior design industry. With advanced printing techniques and quality materials, she turns art into fabric for furniture, clothes, wall coverings, tiles and any custom job you can think of.

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Nicole’s custom printing jobs include wall tiles for restaurants, turning beautiful photographs into fabric, and creating new swatches for future projects!

Read the whole interview and see what the future holds for the women of the printing industry.

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