General Questions

Why should I go to Digital Print Specialties for my printing needs?

Digital Print Specialties (DPS) is a product line of Banner Sign Company, Inc. which has been printing since 1994. Quality & customer service have been our focus over the years, having served some of the most high profile accounts in the nation. DPS was created for professionals like yourself who may not have thought of a traditional sign company as a resource for all of your print needs. So, we've  taken the time to put together a great array of specialty products and capabilities and are pleased to offer you a knowledgeable, professional resource where integrity is key for all of your printing needs.

What types of printing do you offer?

Dye Sublimation: This is an eco-friendly permanent printing process that utilizes water based inks. The inks are first printed onto paper and then heat transferred at 400 degree to the selected media. This sublimation process is used for our polyester fabrics, tiles and acoustic art panels.

Latex and Eco Solvent: These processes are used on our wall covering, glass films, and canvas. They are both very durable printing processes. If one is preferred over the other, please indicate this in your notes when ordering your product.

Why digital printing?

Digital printing gives you complete freedom to print full color photographic and unlimited spot colors all in one print run onto a variety of materials in a short amount of time. On demand printing is a sustainable process as you only print what you need when you need it.

My client has specific color requirements, can you match color?

For the most part, our materials are profiled to print the truest colors, however when color matching is important we ask that you provide a match print. We will provide you our “best match” with the purchase of a color memo or test sample. If spot colors are to be matched, please reference pantone numbers in your files. Often times with color matching, creative services will apply.

How should I prepare my file and what color setting workspace should I create my files in?

Set your document color setting workspace to sRGB, this offers the largest printable color gamut.  For raster images please create your files between 150 dpi minimum and 300 dpi maximum at 100% scale. For vector files, outline all text, embed all images, create file to scale.  Please indicate in the notes area if your file is not saved at 100% scale. Best formats to save your files would be native, highest resolution .jpg, .tif or Print Quality .pdf mainting the files editing capilities.  Should you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-252-9797 or email info@digitalprintspecialties.com.

Can I buy a printed color memo, or test print?

You have the ability to order samples from each product page. Please see product description for details.

Can consistent color be guaranteed from print job to print job?

Although we try to match colors consistently, we cannot guarantee colors from job to job. There are a lot of factors such as material dye lots, ink lots and environmental issues that are beyond our control.

What size should I create my file?

Because we offer so many options with many variables, please refer to the specific product you would like printed for details. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-252-9797 or email info@digitalprintspecialties.com.

  • Fabrics: Width, Due to fabric salvage please refer to “live area width” indicated in the product description. Length, is your desired yardage.
  • Wall Covering & Window Films: Set-up mural or repeat patterns using the overall wall or window dimensions. Add a 2” bleed around the perimeter for Wall Covering and a 1” bleed for Glass Film. DPS will create the overlaps in our production process.
  • Acoustic Panels & Canvas: Set-up file as height by width. For the reveals (edges), DPS will mirror your image to create the gallery wrap effect.
  • Tile: For murals, set-up files taking the entire wall space into account. This is important in planning cut tiles. Do not incorporate grout lines into your files for anything other than reference. For individual tile designs, use the desired tile size and add 1/8” around the perimeter.

Can you assist me with my file preparation?

Yes we can, our rate is $65.00 per hour and we can assist with client provided art by means of color correction, color separation, scaling and mural paneling.

Do you offer design services or stock imaging?

DPS does not offer creative design, our focus is working with client provided art. If you require images, we recommend any of the following image resource websites; www.shutterstock.com, www.istockphoto.com, www.123rf.com, www.dreamstime.com or www.corbisimages.com Please read their terms and conditions to decipher if standard or extended license is required.

What is the lead time for my project?

Depending on the printing process, what is being printed and how much we are printing, delivery will vary from 5-14 working days from approval of design. Please keep in mind, we are custom printers who print each project with attention to detail, and each project is an important as the next.

Can I set up a commercial account with DPS?

We accept all major credit cards for your convenience, however if you wish to set-up a commercial account with terms, please submit the New Customer Account Application for review.

Are my files secure with you?

Absolutely, integrity is a very important component to us and all of our clients. Your graphics, photos and artwork belong to you and you alone. You will have the opportunity to create your own private account. We do not post, share, resell or distribute your property in any way shape or form, without request and written consent. We consider it a privilege that you have selected DPS as your printer of choice. That being said, we also do not print registered trademarks, logos, characters or images that do not belong to you. If we suspect any uncertainty to the ownership or copy right we will request proof or ownership/purchase/authorization, and will turn down work not substantiated. We do however, have our DPS Designer’s Blog where we’d love to brag about you, and invite you to send us photos of your finished products, installations, collections or any news you deem relevant to the design world & digital printing.

Digitally Printed Textile Questions

What types of printing do you offer?

Dye Sublimation: This is an eco-friendly permanent printing process that utilizes water based inks. The inks are first printed onto paper and then heat transferred at 400 degree to the selected media. This sublimation process is used for our polyester fabrics, tiles and acoustic art panels.

What types of fabrics do you offer?

For our dye sublimation printing process we offer a wide variety of polyester from light weight apparel fabrics to heavy double rub tested upholstery fabrics. Please see our complete list with descriptions, if you don't see what you are looking for please don't hesitate to contact us at info@digitalprintspecialties.com or call 800-252-9797 to speak with a customer service representative.

What size can you print?

Our polyester fabrics vary in width from 52" to 62".  When preparing your design please reference the "live area" width found in your production description.

Do you have a minimum order?

Printed memos, can be ordered as .25 yards.  However all linear yardage is rounded to the next full yard.

Can your fabrics be washed/cleaned?

Absolutely, polyester is a durable fabric that is easy to care for. Machine wash in warm water using the permanent press cycle, then line dry or use the low heat setting on your dryer. As for the upholstery fabrics, standard mild cleaning agents with water are acceptable, but you are encouraged to try these first in an inconspicuous spot.  For Crypton fabrics, please refer to the Crypton Specification Sheet.

Do you offer fabric protection?

We offer an optional post treatment to most of our fabrics.  Nanotex® a high performance technology that provides protection from oil and water based stains, while keeping the hand of the fabric soft and comfortable.  You can also pair Nanotex® with DuraBlock® Liquid Barrier, BioAm® Antimicrobial, as well as Flame Resistance, Enhanced Abrasion and Knit or Acrylic backing.  Minimum yardage is required.  For additional information contact us at info@digitalprintspecialties.com or call 800-252-9797.

Wallcovering & Mural Questions

What kind of wallcovering do you use?

We offer one of the largest selections of textures and options in digital surface imaging. From self-adhesive removable display wall graphics for short and long term promotional applications, to beautifully textured commercial grade Class A, Type II wallcovering for any permanent installation. All of our coverings are manufactured in the USA.

How is the printing done and is it a green process?

We use Latex and Eco-Solvent inks which are vibrant and durable. The wallcoverings we offer are engineered specifically for these ink systems.  Keep in mind, “On Demand Printing" is a greener alternative to traditional printing as you only print what you need, when you need it. The machinery, electrical consumption, and ink systems that we use are an effort toward achieving sustainability. However we do have an option that is even greener yet. We can print onto Terralon™, which is PVC free, 31% post consumer recycled wallcovering, and is also eligible for LEED credits.

Do any of your products qualify for LEED credits?

Terralon can contribute toward the earning of up to 6 LEEDs credits. All other commercial grade wallcoverings offer a reclamation program that contributes to achieving LEED credits. The LEED Materials & Resources Credits 2.1 and 2.2, Construction Waste Management, require construction and demolition debris be diverted from disposal in landfills and incinerators. It is possible to return digital media – for details please email info@digitalprintspecialties.com

Why should I use digital Wallcoverings & where are they being used?

Besides the environmental benefits, you are no longer limited to size, scale, color or patterns. One-of-a-kind and short runs are what we do. They are used anywhere and everywhere.

What types of applications are best for commercial / residential use?

Commercial usage requires UL, fire and building code rating. Most of our wallcoverings meet and exceed all of these codes. Our Class A, Type II coverings are extremely durable however, if the installation is in a high traffic area, we recommend applying a protective laminate after the installation. All of our textures are also suitable for fashionable high-end residential use and some coverings offer the extra benefit of the Early Warning Effect, which is a heat detection system. These coverings require traditional paste and double cut method installation.

Do you offer self-adhesive, removable coverings?

Yes we offer products for both long and short term applications. These coverings are engineered so that they can be easily installed, easily removed and leave no residue or adhesive on the wall's surface. The benefits and physical properties of these products open up the doors to vast possibilities.

What is the width of your wallcoverings?

All of our wallcovering print up to 52" in width. In mural application, panel widths may be less as we take the overall wall space into consideration prior to printing. We split your panels evenly over the entire mural, ensuring the best aesthetics and yield.

Do you trim the panels?

Our panels are shipped untrimmed. For murals, we typeset the sequence as well as direction of each panel in the print run making for an easy installation. Also, for shipping purposes the panels should be the same width to prevent shifting and potential damage to your product.

What installation methods are used?

For our commercial grade textured coverings we recommend using a professional installer. The method of the installation is overlapping and double cut. We strongly recommend the use of a quality primer and a “strippable" adhesive. For our self-adhesive products, they can easily be installed by anyone with a do-it-yourself spirit. These self-adhesive products do not need any adhesives applied as they come ready to install, much like a sticker. Our Make Your Mark product requires overlapping, however our Easy Up Easy Down products require using the double cut method.

Should a laminate be applied?

We recommend a liquid laminate be applied to our commercial grade wallcovering if the area is going to be exposed to impact, abrasion, or staining agents. The liquid laminate can be applied using a fine knap hand roller after the coverings have been installed. Self-adhesive products do not require lamination.

Can I wash the wallcoverings?

Yes you can. Please refer to the cleaning recommendation on the installation instructions.

Is there a Warranty?

Yes, there is a warranty. Please visit our Product Warranty.

How long will my order take?

Production is usually 7-14 business days from approval of design. Shipping is based on your choice of standard shipping options.

Custom Window Film Questions

What are Window Films?

Our window films are a Retrofit upgrade that address concerns such as privacy, heating & cooling, spatial separation, branding, wayfinding, or simply add an element of décor. We can custom print and or die cut any of your surface imaging needs. We offer cost effective self adhesive, permanent but removable alternatives to traditional etched or sandblasted glass. With a variety of unique textures and translucencies the effect of the light defusing decorative film will not only add varying degrees of privacy but architecturally pleasing effects.

Where can they be installed?

Our films and graphics can be applied to any interior smooth glass surface. Great for corporate lobbies, and art installations, second surface applications can create a very artistic look to your panels, especially if there is back lighting. If an exterior application is required, we ask that you contact us for further assistance. Please call 800-252-9797 or email info@digitalprintspecialties.com

Do your films offer any UV protection?

Yes, please refer to our Window Film Specification Sheet for more details.

How do I install glass films?

Please visit our Window Film Installation.

How wide are your films?

Our Ricepaper, Sandstorm & Ice have a print width of 46"wide. Our 3M Clear View & Make Your Mark have a print width of 52". Keep in mind; you are able to panel pieces together to create window murals.

Are the films removable?

Yes, all of our films are engineered so they may be removed from glass surfaces without leaving any residue or adhesive.

Can I reuse my glass film?

Typically no, however our Make Your Mark film is considered repositionable, therefore moving it would depend on the size & application.

How are the films shipped?

For our glass films (Ice, Sandstorm, Ricepaper & Clearview) we recommend they remain untrimmed and rolled on a suspended tube for shipping.

Can you die cut or mount any of your films?

Our Make Your Mark, 3M™ Fasara™ and Solid Color Vinyl can be cut & trimmed to your specifications. Alternatively we can mount the films to various substrates. Please call customer service for more information at 800-252-9797 or email info@digitalprintspecialties.com

How long will they last?

Depending on where the films are installed, if they are in a heavy traffic area or receive direct heat or sun exposure, the duration would be less than if they are in a secure area without UV exposure. Please see our Window Film Specification Sheet for more information.

Do glass films required special cleaning?

No special care is require, our glass films are maintenance free. A standard mild window cleaner is recommended with a soft lint free cloth, paper towel or soft squeegee. We do not recommend using anything with abrasive.

Printed Acoustic Panel Questions

Why would I use Printed Acoustic Panels?

Reverb and reflection of noise are inherent in a lot of today's environments. Studies have found that what people call “echo" can limit a child's ability to learn, a professional's ability to focus or can interfere in simple daily conversation. The installation of acoustic panels is a retro fit solution to assist in reducing such effects. However, the way we see it, if panels need to go on the walls they may as well look good, so we custom print these panels to compliment existing interiors and décor, the print possibilities are limitless.

What are the acoustic panels made of?

We use Acoustic Solutions' 1" thick Polyphon Polyester Acoustic Boards. These boards feature benefits that are unparallel with other acoustic boards on the market. Besides meeting standard building and fire code requirements, these sound absorbing panels were developed with environmental friendliness in mind.  The panels are made from 100% polyester (60% PET-recycled fiber and 40% PET-virgin fiber) They are 100% recyclable, and are free from toxins, irritants, binding agents and formaldehyde.

What kind of fabric do you use for the printed images that cover the acoustic panel?

We use Guilford of Maine, Anchorage or Paradise Acoustically Transparent fabric. These TerraTex® certified fabrics create a custom printed aesthetic cover for the acoustic panels. The images are permanently sublimated to the fabric, creating stunning, colorful, crisp imagery. We also offer complimentary solid Guilford of Maine colors for a complete project installation.

What size are the acoustic panels?

We offer any configuration within and up to 4'x8' panels.  These panels are 1" thick and are gallery wrapped with your choice of acoustic fabrics.  You also have the option of adding a decorative float frame.

How are the acoustic panels installed?

Our panels come equipped with z-bars ready to hang.

Do you offer any type of framing?

Yes, our 3/8" wide profile x 1 ¼" deep wood float frames come in Natural Maple Wood, Black Satin, Distressed Silver and Distressed Gold. This classic frame makes your art appear suspended, separating the image from the molding for a stunning easy to hang presentation.

How many panels do I need in a room?

Let us first start by saying; we are not experts in the field of sound. If a study is required we recommend you contact a professional local firm to assist you. However, there are some simple rules of thumb that can apply. In a general purpose room up to 25% of the wall space can be covered to get the maximum benefit from the acoustic panels. A simple calculation to see how many panels you would need to get in 25% range is the size of the panel 2'x4' = 8sf. The size of the room example 10'x15'x.25 (coverage you want) / 8sf (panel size) = 4.68. Therefore you would want four to five panels in this space.

Where should I place the panels?

We always like to suggest adding all sorts of soft pieces into a space to assist in sound absorption such as, area rugs, draperies, soft furnishings etc. With that in mind, sound bounces from hard surface to hard surface, and the placement of the panels should be thought out so that they may best interfere with reflection points.

Can acoustic panels stop the noise coming through the walls?

Unfortunately installing panels on your walls won't stop the noise from coming through, however installing panels in the hallways or other rooms where noise is being created would certainly reduce the amount of reverb and reflection that is created there.

Tile Questions

How is it that you can put an image on tiles?

We use tiles that have a special coating. Bison Coating is the only RN Certified tile coating plant in the United States, and is of the highest quality for sublimation coatings. Images are printed to paper with sublimation inks then the image is heat transferred at 400 degrees to permanently become part of the tile.

What adhesive and grout should I use? 

Adhesive/Mortar: For the ceramic, porcelain and tumbled stone tiles, any adhesive you would normally use for installation would be fine. For the glass tiles, we recommend any Epoxy Thin-Set Mortar in white.

Grouting:We recommend an unsanded grout for any vertical installation where the grout lines are 1/8" wide or less. Sanded grout may be used on the Tumbled Stone and Porcelain tile. For the glass tiles, you should use an Epoxy grout specially designed for use with glass.

Grout sealers: We recommend a grout sealer be used in any installation of floors, kitchens, baths and areas prone to moisture.

Do I need to seal the tiles after installation?

Tumbled Stone is a very porous tile, meaning it will absorb water fairly easily. When installing any tumbled stone (dye-sublimated or not) in any sort of water application, your installer would apply a sealer to the tile to prevent water from being absorbed into the tile and potentially rotting the tile body. This sealer is available from nearly any tile dealer. We don't recommend any brand specifically, but a professional tile installer would have recommendations for you.

The Other Tiles (Matte, Dura Satin, Porcelain and Glass) do not need to be sealed because they are far less porous and have a significantly lower water absorption rate.

Why does the tumbled stone look so rustic?

The Tumbled Stone tiles are a compressed sandstone product from which the tiles are then cut. When we receive the stones from Bison and unpack them for processing, the range and type of pitting does vary. We do not separate the different textures as this is the rough weathered look people are looking for from tumbled stone. Tumbled stone tiles are fairly fragile. The nature of the stones is that they are seldom uniform in surface texture, and may also vary in thickness and size.

Can I use any of your tiles for a countertop?

We really don't recommend printed tiles for countertops.

How durable are the Glass tiles, can I really use them for floors?


Canvas Questions

Why would I use DPS for my canvas printing?

Custom printed canvas is a cost effective means of decorating a space. Why be limited to size, colors and images. You can use corporate logos, lifestyle photography, the possibilities are unlimited. Please keep in mind you must have purchased, have permission or own the rights to the image you are providing.

Do you offer scanning and photo reproduction?

Yes we can scan up to an 8.5"x11" and print straight photo reproduction or we can apply certain photo enhancing techniques such as sepia tones, color add, Warhol effect etc. Creative fees will apply for scanning and will vary based upon the requested technique.

Is the canvas mounted?

Yes we stretch our canvas over heavy wood stretcher bars with a 1 ¼" profile creating beautiful gallery wraps that arrive ready to install.

Can I order a float frame?

Yes, our 3/8" wide profile x 1 ¼" deep wood float frames come in Natural Maple Wood, Black Satin, Distressed Silver and Distressed Gold. This classic frame makes your art appear suspended, separating the image from the molding for a stunning easy to hang presentation.

What sizes do you offer?

We are custom printers; therefore we can provide any size you wish up to a 48" x 96" gallery wrap. Please keep in mind oversized shipping rates may apply.